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Chris Sandberg

     “I want to take more interesting pictures.”

   “I want more control of my camera.”

“                                      I want to know how to make great prints of the pictures I take.”

No one was born knowing how to make great pictures.  The process of learning to see and capture compelling images can be fun and rewarding, and I work with individual students and small groups to help them develop their skills and discover a personal style.  Here’s what students have told me after taking my classes:

          “Thanks for a great weekend, Chris.  We really enjoyed the beautiful places you showed us.”

               - Travis H. and Janell B.

          “We  wanted to thank you for you informative and fun seminar on Saturday. We gained a good deal of  useful knowledge.  Thanks again.”

              -  Mark R. and Denise R. 

4 Corners Photo Tour

I've teamed up with my partner at the Albuquerque Photographers' Gallery, Kent Winchester, to offer a new learning opportunity in May of 2021: a five-day tour of the best of the magical 4 Corners region of the American Southwest. You can get all the details here for this expedition into my favorite sites in the photogenic landscapes of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. The tour is limited to six participants, so don't put off registering so you can be part of this learning adventure!

Special "Two For One" Class Offer Will Return!

I enjoy shooting at the Petroglyph Monument in Albuquerque, and love to share its wonders with students. I've been offering a special, two-hour class at the Monument for two shooting partners, for the tuition I would usualy charge for one student, and have had lots of fun with folks taking that class. COVID has made doing in-person classes impractical, but I will re-start this class once we can get together safely. Please check back - details about the class are here.

Individual Instruction

For students who want to work on a particular aspect of their photography, one-on-one sessions provide undivided attention and precise focus. These sessions are designed to zero in on your needs and help you explore the artistic or technical issues most important to you.   You’ll get tips, hints, techniques, ideas, and secrets for your photo-making skills in an indoor class or a scenic location, designed to help you find a personal style for your images.

Sessions are arranged on your schedule, and at locations conducive to the learning at hand. Tuition is $95/hour, with a two- hour minimum block, or you can purchase a 6-hour package for $445.

Individual instruction works great for students at any experience level - from beginners looking to quickly acquire basic skills to long-time shooters trying to improve a specific part of their work.

These classes have been suspended due to COVID, and I will re-start them once we can work together safey. To inquire or schedule a session, send an email by clicking here.

Group Classes

All my classes and field workshops are very small groups - four or six students maximum.  I’ve worked in larger groups, and been disappointed that students just don’t get their money’s worth.  My approach is to keep the classes small and made sure every student gets the time and personal attention he or she needs. Group classes are an economical way for students to advance their photo skills, working with other learners in a collegial group. A four- to six-member class means every student can get individual attention during the day, and can share experiences and ideas with other class members.

Click here to learn why you should take a one-day class, or click below to read about how my group classes work. I will re-start the classes once we are able to do so safely.

In-Town One-Day Class                                             One-Day Field Workshop

Registration for classes is easy: send me an email with the name of the class and your contact info, and you’ll get a prompt reply setting you up for the class.

Photoshop 101

In addition to my field workshops on photo technique, I teach all the essentials of Photoshop in a six-hour, three session course, "Photoshop 101". You can master the most important editing and printing techniques in a small-group setting, with homework exercises between class sessions. Get more info about this course here. As with my other in-person teaching, I'll re-start these classes once we can get together safely again.

How to choose the Right Type of Class

Individual instruction provides the most focused and personalized teaching that I do, with the student getting my undivided attention throughout the class session. Students who purchase a block of teaching time can split the time into several sessions, with homework and practice time between each session.

One-day small-group classes are great for students who enjoy learning in a collegial setting where they can compare their experiences with other learners and benefit from those students’ questions and ideas. Group classes are also more economical, while providing a concentrated learning experience through a day of both hands-on skills exercises and free shooting.

Longer field classes provide time for skills development in a variety of settings, letting students work with different challenges and artistic opportunities as we move from site to site. The longer time frame lets me utilize a wider variety of locations around the Four Corners area to stimulate students' imagination and polish their skills.


All of my classes and workshops make great gifts!  If you have a budding photographer in the family or in your circle of friends, they would love some individual instruction time in the classroom or in the field.  Drop me an email and I’ll prepare a gift certificate for you to wrap and surprise that special person.