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I'm trying something different this Summer. Rather than my setting fixed dates for group classes, I'm offering a 2-for-1 special: two students (friends, spouses, school classmates, whatever...) can schedule a "Photoshop 101" class for just the two of you, for the same price I would usually charge for one-person individual instruction! This means that just two students will get full my attention and only pay the same as an individual 6-hour package: $445.

I'll use the same model as for group classes: three 2-hour sessions with homework assignments in between classes. We'll use my private classroom, work on the current version of Photoshop Elements, and cover all the tools and techniques you need to get the very best prints from your digital images.

So, for $222.50 each, we will set up dates (three sessions, usually a week apart) that work for you two, and you will each get more personalized instruction that possible in a larger group.

To get more info or arrange a 2-for-1 class, send me an email by clicking here.

Oh, Photoshop…

Adobe has built the most comprehensive and powerfull photo editing program available, but (sadly) Photoshop is just not intuitively approachable. Most folks find Photoshop to be confusing and difficult to figure out. I can fix that! Photoshop 101 is a series of three two-hour sessions in my private classroom, where each student has a dedicated computer and works with me, step by step, on getting into Photoshop and its amazing capabilities.

Anyone Can Learn in This Course.

No  level of experience with Photoshop is needed for this course, and it is ideal for students who are just getting started in photo editing. The goal of the course is for each student to get comfortable with the critical tools in Photoshop, to learn the key steps in taking digital images from the camera to the printer, and to develop skills that can be repeated confidently with many different images. We work with the most current version of Photoshop Elements, which has all the tools and capabilities you'll need to go far in correcting, enhancing, and printing amazing images.

At the end of the three sessions, you’ll understand Photoshop's power (and foibles) and be confident in using the program to successfully edit your pictures.

You Get Real Value In This Class.

The price of education is going up everywhere. But my price for this six-hour, three-class series is the same price as it was in 2015.  You get all the skills and personal development for $175.00 for the three sessions.

Completely Guaranteed.

At the end of the sessions, if you don't think I have improved your confidence, skills, and editing technique, I'll refund your tuition.  Simple as that!

The Course Is Limited In Size.

I won't teach in large groups, and this course is the smallest I do: four students max.  The downside to that limit is that not everyone who wants to take my classes gets in - registration is strictly first-come, first- taught!  I hate to turn away prospective students, but I won't sacrifice quality instruction.

Don't Put It Off - When A Series Is Full, That's It!

If you know you are ready to take control of Photoshop, then tell me you want to register by clicking here and sending me an email.  I'll send you info on registering for the next session, so you can reserve your place in that class. Don't let another student take your spot!

Photoshop 101 - Getting the Essential Tools

for Making Great Prints!