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If you have a new digital camera and want to start taking great pictures with it, my one-day classes are exactly what you need! You can learn the “secrets” of your new camera and digital photography in a one-day, hands-on class held in and around Albuquerque.  You'll work on developing your artistic and technical skills just as you would in my longer classes, and explore photogenic scenes in a local workshop.

It's All About Taking Great Photographs.

My one-day class is for students who are starting their adventures in photography - no prior experience is needed, just the desire to improve the photos you bring home from a day of shooting.

You'll need a digital camera and lens (it can be a DSLR, a compact interchangeable-lens camera, or a fixed-lens digital camera with manual controls), some extra digital storage (because we will take a lot of pictures) and I recommend a spare battery (because we will take LOTS of pictures!)  That's it - you bring the basic tools and your readiness to learn, I'll lead you on a day of growth.

When You See Your Printed Photos, Are They What You Wanted?

It's easy these days to buy a capable digital camera kit and start shooting.  But often the pictures you get back from processing or that you print out on your inkjet printer just aren't what you saw when you snapped the shutter.  You read the instruction guide for your camera, you thought you had picked the right programmed settings, yet you just aren't satisfied with the final images.  You've read the reviews of your camera, and the shots they show in the reviews all look better than your photos.  So what's wrong?

Successful digital photography is a combination of artistic skills and technical understanding.  Like all other artists, photographers must know their tools and how to put those tools to best effect, and must also have a knowledge of composition, selection, and arrangement of elements in their photos.  Digitas cameras are powerful tools, but you need to learn how to get the best from those tools!l

Lots Of People Are Having Problems As They Start Shooting Digital.

Tens of millions of digital cameras will be sold worldwide in 2021.  But a quick Internet search leads to stories of people unhappy with their interaction with their new camera, whether it's blurry or noisy pictures, undecipherable controls and menus, and program modes that don't do what the camera manual said they would do!  They aren't satisfied, and you shouldn't be either.  You can take better pictures when you have the key skills.

I Can Help - I Know Digital Photography.

If you've looked through the rest of my Web site, you've seen plenty of evidence that I know how to find and take great images of the natural world.  I've been shooting exclusively digital for the last 18+ years and know the hows and whys of digital cameras.  And I think you'll agree that I bring back emotive and compelling photos from my field work.  That's the experience and understanding you can tap into in my one-day fundamentals class.

I've Been Teaching Adult Learners For Over 25 Years.

I work with adult learners in the classroom and in the field.  My students range from absolute beginners who have just figured out how to turn on their camera, to experienced photographers looking for tips on a particular technique, to accomplished visual artists who need to take better photos as part of their creative process.  I've helped them all, whether it has been moving from program to manual modes on their camera, more exciting composition, or dealing with difficult lighting conditions.

My one-day fundamentals class is focussed on getting you moving towards better photography right away.

My Students Learn.

I can say lots of great things about my classes, but my students say it better:

“Thank you for Saturday!  I not only learned a lot, I had so much fun doing it!  I feel inspired, motivated and excited to keep taking photos!  I really cannot think of anything that did not go well...I got more out of it than I had even expected.

   - Bobbi K.

“Thanks again for the great class!  It was very informative and I feel like I have a new camera!”  

   - Anders P..

“Thanks for the wonderful day of photography.”

   - Jenny O.

I enjoy leading photographers through the discovery process, and helping them find new ways to use their digital cameras to express their artistic vision - and that's what happens in my classes.  Students really see their own growth at the end of the day.

My One-Day Class Covers The Keys To Making Better Photos.

During the course of my one-day class, you will:

• take control of your shooting by getting comfortable with the key controls and menus of their cameras;

• improve both your artistic and your technical photography skills, so more and more your pictures are satisfying;

• acquire practical ideas for composing compelling photos that you can use every time you shoot;

• practice the key techniques for taking interesting and imaginative pictures so those techniques are part of your personal skill sets;

• experiment through photo skills exercises;

• see individual development; and,

• have fun!

These are the “breakthrough” skills - the ones you need to move beyond taking snapshots to making great images.  You've made the investment in your camera and in the time to experiment with using it.  Now you can take better advantage of those investments and move to the next level of digital photography!

Completely Guaranteed.

At the end of the day, if you don't think I have improved your confidence, skills, and photo technique, I'll refund your tuition.  Simple as that.

You Get Real Value In My One-Day PhotoVision Class.

The price of education is going up everywhere. But my one-day class is the same price as it was in 2019.  You get all the skills and personal development for $445 for the day.

Still On The Fence?

If you need one more reason to register for a one-day class, here it is: you will receive an 8 X 12 inch (on 11 X 14 paper) print of their your from all the images available in the Galleries on this site.  What a combination: you not only get great instruction, you go home with an inspiring print!

In the registration form I'll send you when you email me by clicking here, I'll ask you to select the image you want, and I'll have that ready for you during class.

So come join me and take the step to better photography!  Send that email to start the registration process by clicking here; you can also any questions in that email and I'll explain anything else about the class you want to know.

One Day Fundamentals—

Learn The Most Important Photographic Skills