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I’m Chris Sandberg.  I create evocative images of the natural world, with a focus on the stark beauty of New Mexico and the American Southwest. You can view and acquire the very best of my work here, register to join my photographic skills classes and workshops, and read my thoughts on the art and craft of photography.  You can also arrange custom photo work for your home or business.

Kivas at Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park, in southwestern Colorado, holds the most expansive collection of cliff dwellings in North America. My favorite is Cliff Palace. Since its 'discovery' in 1888, Cliff Palace has been the focus of early exploration, commercial exploitation, archeological investigations, and generations of visitors to the Park. Cliff Palace is truly the centerpiece of the Park, and one of the finest examples of a late prehistoric cliff dwelling in the American Southwest.

Constructed over seven hundred years ago of stone masonry, wood, and earth covered with plaster painted in a variety of colors, the buildings which remain today reveal intentional design, subtle details of craftsmanship, and reliance upon construction materials and methods in use for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, part of Cliff Palace was built on soil that has become unstable, and that has lead to partial collapses of several of the kivas seen in my image above. Major efforts are underway to stabilize and preserve Cliff Palace; it would be a tremendous loss for future generataion not to be able to experience this very tangible part of our collective history.

Special "Two For One" Class Offer

I offer a special for two shooting partners: learn together for the tuition I would usually charge for one student! Details are here.

Fall 4 Corners Trip and Pics

I've posted a bunch of new images of the Grand Canyon, Bears' Ears, Valley of the Gods, the Needles, and Mesa Verde in my "Recent Work" area.

"Shooting Japan" Article

I've posted a new article about my choices for equipment on an extended shooting trip to Japan - here's the link to the story. There area also some images from the trip in my "Recent Work" area.