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The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one the crown jewels of the Twin Cities. First assembled in 1988, the Garden is a joint project of the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Park Board. It has both permanent art installations and several temporary pieces.

As part of a $10 million upgrade, the Garden has been completely rebuilt with new works in a improved site. After some unplanned delays, the Garden reopened on June 10, and I am scouting the renewed Garden in order to set up classes for this Summer to use that unique teaching setting.

Stunning Location

The Garden offers a tremendous variety of opportunities for creative exploration. We'll work all over the Garden. After a lunch break in the neighborhood, we continue using the Garden as our classroom, and may also explore adjacent landmarks to round out our shooting xperience.

Anyone Can Learn in This Class.

No particular level of experience is needed for this class, and it is ideal for students who are getting started in photography. The goal of the class is for each student to get more comfortable behind the camera and to learn the key techniques for taking interesting and imaginative pictures. We’ll work in a multi-faceted outdoor setting, with photo skills exercises tuned to your needs and areas of concern all through the day.

At the end of the day, you’ll have greater control over your camera and new, practical ideas for composition.

You Get Real Value In My One-Day PhotoVision Class.

The price of education is going up everywhere. But my one-day class is the same price as it was in 2013.  You get all the skills and personal development for $175.00 for the day.

Completely Guaranteed.

At the end of the day, if you don't think I have improved your confidence, skills, and photo technique, I'll refund your tuition.  Simple as that.

The Class Is Limited In Size.

I won't teach in large groups, and this one-day class is the smallest I lead: four students max.  The downside to that limit is that not everyone who wants to take my classes gets in - registration is strictly first-come, first- taught!  I hate to turn away prospective students, but I won't sacrifice quality instruction.

Don't Put It Off - When This Class Is Full, That's It!

If you know you are ready to stretch your photo skills, and to explore a beautiful part of Minnesota and Wisconsin, then tell me you want to register by clicking here and sending me an email.  I'll send you the registration form so you can reserve your place in class. Don't let another student take your spot!

Still On The Fence?

If you need one more reason to register for the class, here it is: every student will receive an 8 X 12 inch (on 11 X 14 paper) print of their choice from all the images available in the Galleries on this site.  What a combination: you not only get great instruction, you go home with an inspiring print!

In the registration form I'll send you when you email me by clicking here, I'll ask you to select the image you want, and I'll have that ready for you during class.

So come join me and take the step to better photography!  Send that email to start the registration process by clicking here; you can also any questions in that email and I'll explain anything else about the class that you want to know.

All-day Class at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

January 9, 2017     class filled