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I’m Chris Sandberg.  I create evocative images of the natural world, with a focus on the stark beauty of New Mexico and the American Southwest. You can view and acquire the very best of my work here, check up on the latest news, read my thoughts on the art and craft of photography, and register to join my photographic skills classes and workshops.  You can also arrange custom photo work for your home or business.

San Francisco de Asis

Continuing my experimentation with black-and-white, I've posted above an image of the San Francisco de Asis Mission church in northern New Mexico. The church is an historic building in Ranchos de Taos, about four miles southwest of Taos proper. It was erected between 1772 and 1816, and is noted as a classic example of a New Mexico Spanish Colonial Church. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970.

Adobe buttresses project from several portions of the main walls, and it was those massive structures that drew my attention. Adobe buildings must the regularly "mudded" by applying a mix of clay, sand, straw, and water to the surface, top to bottom, to maintain the building's ability to resist the elements. That annual task brings parishioners and community volunteers together to preserve this hub of the local spiritual community. The simple forms of the church project strength and permanence, and I tried to capture those characteristics in this image.

Small-Group Photo Tour

of the Four Corners region

I'm teaming up with one of my partners at the Albuquerque Photographers' Gallery, Kent Winchester, to offer a special five-day tour of the amazing Four Corners region of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. The tour will run May 23–28, 2021, and will cover some well-know and some less-visited sites in that extremely photogenic region. Click here to get all the details!

Special "Two For One" Class Offer

I enjoy shooting at the Petroglyph Monument in Albuquerque, and love to share its wonders with students. So, I'm offering a special, two-hour class at the Monument for two shooting partners, for the tuition I would usually charge for one student! Details are here.

The Arch Is No More!

One of the iconic sights on the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior, for many decades, was the arch at Tettegouche State Park. In 2010, the arch collapsed, leaving only a "sea stack", no longer connected to the shore. Now, the Duluth News Tribune has reported that the stack itself has collapsed in their recent storm, leaving just the old promontory jutting out into the Lake. Here's a link with before-and-after pictures:

The North Shore is a harsh invironment, and perhaps it is most amazing that the arch stood so long. But it still saddens me to lose a bit of the landscape I loved and photographed during the years I split my time between the Upper Midwest and Four Corners.

Fall 4 Corners Trip and Pics

I've posted a bunch of new images of the Grand Canyon, Bears' Ears, Valley of the Gods, the Needles, and Mesa Verde in my "Recent Work" area.

"Shooting Japan" Article

I've posted a new article about my choices for equipment on an extended shooting trip to Japan - here's the link to the story. There area also some images from the trip in my "Recent Work" area.

San Francisco de Asis Mission church in Taon, NM